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Zeus Fireworks - Mini Gods (Pack)Firework Barrage Packs

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Zeus Fireworks - Mini Gods (Pack) Firework Barrage Packs

Want to celebrate a very enjoyable and entertaining party or event? Then the Zeus Fireworks - Mini Gods (Pack) Firework Barrage Packs is perfect for you..!!

Why having the Zeus Fireworks - Mini Gods (Pack) Firework Barrage Packs makes your party so enjoyable and special? Because it has a triple combination of small shot cakes which makes the seen of the sky very amazing with their different and special firework effect and change the look of the sky into heaven and it is very effective to have in your party for making a very good first impression to party members!

Burst with a lovely sound and fills the whole sky with happiness by its beautiful firework effect and make the look around you and everyone very interesting and amazing!

More Technical Information about Zeus Fireworks - Mini Gods (Pack) Firework Barrage Packs

A trio of small but mighty seven shot cakes with Zeus containing gold tails to gold glitter and green tail to spinners. Athena containing silver tails to silver glitter with silver tails to crackling and Hades including golden tails to gold brocade.  

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