Zeus Fireworks - Hypnotica Catherine Wheel Fireworks ( 1 Pack )

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Zeus Fireworks - Hypnotica Catherine Wheel Fireworks ( 1 Pack )

The firework which can give your party an extra little enjoyment and a perfect end to your event or party is the Zeus Fireworks - Hypnotica Catherine Wheel Fireworks ( 1 Pack )..!!!

Why having the Zeus Fireworks - Hypnotica Catherine Wheel Fireworks ( 1 Pack ) make things special for everyone? Because First of all it shows many amazing sparkle effects at one time and sound produced by it is very interesting to your ears and produces less smoke as compared to any other firework so, in this way, it saves the environment also!

Use this in your party and it will surely make everyone happy and you just have to ignite it once and enjoy the beautiful sparkle effects of white, red, green, and yellow colour for about 40 seconds!

Approximately 25 cm this 4 stage spinning wheel.

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