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Standard Fireworks

Standard Fireworks is a brand of firework products which has gained its place in the firework industry through continuous hard work. Standard Fireworks is an Indian based firework company that has struggled a lot to reach the point that they have reached presently. Their journey in the firework business mainly started in 1942 but at that Standard Fireworks was just limited to India. Eventually the founders of Standard Fireworks made the decision of entering the big leagues of firework industry. Gradually through hard struggle and facing strict legislations and severe competition Standard Fireworks was able to strongly implant their feet in the fireworks market. Their unswerving dedication and hard work paid off and presently Standard Fireworks is considered a giant in the Indian pyrotechnic business. Standard Fireworks considers themselves as the ever evolving company and are motivated to keep improving their brand for the pleasure of everyone.

Standard Fireworks to Global Standards

Standard Fireworks have established themselves in the pyrotechnic world and now have an iron hold on the firework industry especially in India. Their goal has been to provide high quality firework products to their customers and on the other hand provide the best customer services possible for their customers. Standard Fireworks have been able to achieve their goals to the maximum level. They have been able to fulfill their promise to their customers, through the high quality of their products and absolutely best customer care services provided by their company. As they have been able to reach their two specific goals, Standard Fireworks have moved on to a new goal and that is to achieve global standards for their products and their company. Standard Fireworks have embarked on a journey to modernize their complete production line in order to achieve their goal of achieving global standards.

Since a couple of years Standard Fireworks have been working on improving their products and modernizing their products in order to reach customers globally. Standard Fireworks have also been successful in achieving that goal through their rigorous hard work. Their products are now up to the latest designs and are modernized in every sense. The whole production line is according to the current standards and is innovative enough to please their customers nationally and also globally.

Safety Rules by Standard Fireworks

Standard Fireworks take their safety rules very seriously and the proof of that is that they have detailed safety rules and lighting instructions on all their products. In this way they aim to help people in avoiding any kind of mishaps. The safety precautions include using firework products under an adult's supervision, storing fireworks in cool and dry place, using a long match stick to light firework products, using fireworks outside the house, do not light all the firework products at once, place a water bucket nearby in case of a fire, and avoid relighting a firework product which has already been lit.

Head on over to www.SparklersAndFireworks.co.uk and make the best of the amazing products offered by the brand.  

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