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Roman Candle Fireworks

Roman Candle Fireworks - the beauty in sky

Have you even seen those sparking lights in dark sky? Lovely colourful lights going straight up in the sky and then bursting with a loud noise, they are the Roman candle fireworks.

Have you ever wondered how they are made? What is their history?

Scroll down to know about them.

Roman Candle Fireworks - what are they?

Roman candle fireworks are basically the type of fireworks that glide into the sky and shoot different colours of stars. They come in different sizes and colours. So you have a whole lot to choose from.

Roman candle fire works originated in China but it was Italy where they gained in fame. Although they are not legal in some countries, still they are widely used in many countries on different occasions.

Roman Candle Fireworks - how they are made?

These fancy little packages of wonder are made up of bentonite, black powder, delay charge and lifting charge. We ignite the candle from the top (that should be facing upwards). The delay powder is responsible for the formation of flames. It is tightly held in the tube so there should not be any extra flames. When ignited, it burns slowly and gradually. When the powder finishes the flames reaches the bottom end of the tube where and it ignite the stars and different coloured patterns fill the sky.Some Roman candle fireworks use clay instead of delay powder while others have stars, still more have shells in them.

The main hero of the candles is these cute stars which come in variety of sizes and colours.

There are certain chemical compounds which are used in the making of these stars. When these chemicals catch fire they emit different colours. For example there is a chemical compound called barium, when ignited gives off green light. This reaction occurs at a specific range of temperature. Similarly strontium carbonate is used in the formation of pink light. They are widely used in birthdays, weddings and ceremonies. You can buy them online. They are cheap and affordable. They come in different sizes and price range so you can always have your pick.

Roman Candle Fireworks - Pros & Cons


  • Add extra colours to you event.
  • They are cheap and affordable.
  • It is easier to handle.
  • Good for business.


  • They are banned in many countries so may not be easily available in your country of origin.
  • They are not so safe to handle owing to their volatile nature.
  • They must be kept away from children and pets.
  • Care must be taken in their venue selection. They must always be used in open places only.
  • Great caution must be observed in using them. Only an expert should be firing them.
  • Keep them in a well ventilated storage away from any heat or flame source. Any accidental exposure to flame can result in serious consequences. Be very cautious with them.

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