Rockets are the nearest thing you can buy which effects resemble a shell which you see in larger organised firework displays.

Small to medium rockets come in packs of assorted quantities and the really big firework rockets are available in packs or singularly.

Whereas an aerial multi shot cake will fire up to 30 metres large rockets will hit 100 metres

What happens to the stick!! We often have customers in our showroom look at our jumbo rockets and worry that after they have fired the rocket the stick will come down and impale their neighbour to their lawn. Fear not dear reader. After the rocket explodes the rocket head is blown to pieces and the stick is designed to flutter down horizontally - like a wooden angel.


Rocket fireworks date back to second century BC. They have their roots back in ancient China where they were used in religious festivals and social events. They were subsequently used for military purposes and gained popularity as flaming arrows because of their fiery properties.


There is one major downside - they are terribly addictive!

No one knows why this is, it has baffled us in the trade for years but it most certainly is a thing.

Is it the loading into the launcher? Is it the anticipation after lighting the fuse, 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1? Is it the whoosh as the mothercraft goes into orbit, or the wait to see where or when it bursts?

I think in truth no one knows - but no display is complete without them! .


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