The beauty of Rocket Fireworks

Who does not enjoy the Rocket fireworks shows at night when the sky fills with lots of beautiful colours? The view is breath taking. But have you ever pondered how rockets are made and what is their history? Scroll down and know about rocket fireworks.

History of Rocket Fireworks:

Rocket fireworks dates back to second century BC. They have their roots back in ancient China where they were used in religious festivals and social events. They were subsequently used for military purposes and gained popularity as flaming arrows because of their fiery properties.

Through Mongol and Arabs, the rocket fireworks travelled to the west. Today you can find them everywhere. They are available in every country all over the world.

Rocket Fireworks - how they are made?

Typically rocket fireworks are made up of a paper tube with gun powder filling inside. When it is ignited, it propels itself into the air and burst out into the air after achieving the desired elevation.

Types of Rocket Fireworks:

There are numerous types of rockets depending upon their shapes and sizes. Some of which are as follows:

  1. Sky rockets: These are rockets with a stick. The stick provides them stability and protection while in storage.
  2. Missiles: When fired, these rotate to achieve stability.
  3. Bottle rockets: these are small in size, usually tubular. When fired, they produce whistle like sound.
 Popularity of Rocket Fireworks

Rockets became popular because of their attractive colour patterns and sounds. Today, they are widely used all over the world on different occasions. In fact, no special occasion is considered complete without a show of rocket fireworks.

Owing to popularity of rocket fireworks they are one of the most easily available and widely manufactured varieties. Some of the pros and cons of rocket fireworks are:


  • They give an extra spark to the event.
  • It is something worth watching.
  • They are Cheap and affordable.
  • There are Easy to start.


  • They can be dangerous in the hands of a casual or inexperienced operator.
  • They have gun powder filling which is unstable and need proper storage conditions and careful handling. They have serious destructive potential in case of casual handling. They must be handled with great care. Careless handling of rocket fireworks has been a cause of serious accidents resulting in loss of life and property.

DIY Rocket Fireworks:

There are number of online tutorials on YouTube and Google which give you step by step guide to make your own rocket fireworks at home. They are easy to make and quite affordable. But please remember that it is not a preferred practice for safety reasons

Precautions for Use:

  • Before starting the rocket firework check it thoroughly for any defects.
  • Let an expert handle the rocket for you.
  • Do not use rockets in small spaces.
  • Keep them as far as possible from kids and animals.

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