Cakes are now the most popular type of firework as they can produce a wide range of effects to 30m in the air and can really replicate a professional display. A Cake is basically a chain-fused firework that propels a series of aerial shell, comet or mine effects into the air from the collectively attached tubes.

The size of the effect is governed by the size of the tubes that the effects fire from and tube sizes are generally between 3mm - 30mm and cakes can typically have between 9 - 1000 tubes resulting in 9 - 1000 shots per firework.

So - often people look in our showroom and spot a 1000 shot firework the size of a dustbin lid and declare that it looks a “Bloody great beast of a firework” but in reality you will get a bigger effect from a 9 shot 30mm firework - however, everything has it’s place and a firework ejecting 1000 shots can be quite spectacular even though it’s a series of pops rather than a series of large bursts of colour and bangs.

Duration - An average cake lasts around 30 seconds although some will last for about 5 seconds (Dump Cakes) and our current longest duration cake is over four minutes, this is a firework called High Impact. Duration though doesn’t always effect price or wow factor, one of our larger most expensive cakes is called Wow and only lasts 30 seconds and has a price tag of getting on for £200 whereas our best selling larger cake (Chain Reaction) lasts two minutes and is around £100. But - If someone has a large budget display and wants to end with the ultimate finale of a firework we will point them to Wow.

Conclusion - Complicated isn’t it, this is why we are always available to advise on your best selection and to make life easier we have videos on our website showing all our fireworks in action.


A simple answer. When these types of fireworks became widely available to the public in the mid 90’s they were often round and looked like a cake.


Let’s put this to bed, you will have heard in the media about silent cakes but they do not exist. There will always be a thud of some kind when the firework effects are ejected from the tube and there will also always be a bursting charge when the firework effect explodes. That said, there are an increasing amount of LOW NOISE cakes available and we stock a large range of these.


Firework effects within cakes are endless; Bombettes, Peonies, Crossettes, Willows, Brocades, Fish, Bees, Falling Leaves, Timed Rain, Horsetails etc etc etc. These are all types of effects available

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