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The Charisma of Multi Shot Fireworks

The multiple shot fireworks are one of the fanciest types with beautiful shooting star display. Multiple shot fireworks are use for celebrations, sport ending ceremonies, New Year parties and festivals. The Multi shot fireworks also meant to display artistic skills by creating objects with the display of fire like flags, logos or even names. For this reason they are called fire skill or fire art.

Why are they called Multi Shot Fireworks?

The multiple shot fireworks are named after the technique which is used in manufacturing them. In a typical multi shot firework, little blast sticks are packed together in the shell and the explosion produces the multi shot fireworks. The multi shot fireworks can be dangerous indoors. They can only be used for outdoor celebrations in larger areas.

Types of Multi Shot Fireworks

Multi shot fireworks are generally classified basing on their colour and explosion effect. Some of the more popular types are:

  • Air bomb. Blows up in the air, shoots in multiple colours and blasts with a bang.
  • Fountain. The shape of a fountain is like a cone that stands on the ground. When blown up, it creates different and multiple shot sparks. Only use it as outdoor fireworks. Carmel fountain, powder king fountain, are sub-types in this category.
  • Multi shot cakes. The multi shot cakes are popular among the fireworks lovers. It creates long lasting effect with one single explosion.
  • Screaming phantom. This fireworks shoots 12 multiple spinning silver sparks with scream sound. They are highly preferred for use in live stage performances.
  • Falling frenzy. Its leaves the red and blue sparks with blue pistil.
  • Lady bug. The lady bug shape up on explosion like a comet with 15 multiple colours shoots. These get in high demand close to New Year celebrations.
  • Bombette. This firework is shaped like a cake or candle. Here many little sparks are bundled together to create multiple colour effects. These are hot favourite for use in outdoor celebrations.
  • Time Rain. These are the most common and beautiful Multi shot fireworks. In this case, the shell contains the large and slow burning stars which create rain shower effect of colours.
  • Crossette. It has shape similar to a comet, but its shell contains multiple comets, when blown up, it creates the cross shape.

Multi shot Fireworks - some safety precautions

Undoubtedly Multi shot firework are the most exotic, versatile and expensive of the fireworks on the market but they have a down side as well. They can be dangerous under improper employment conditions.

The operator needs to be extremely careful about maintaining the required safety distances, following the manufacturer instructions and selection of display places. In confined spaces or inappropriate surroundings, multi shot fireworks can be a serious fire hazard and result in loss of property and even life. Ensure complete safety precautions to enjoy the beauty of Multi shot fireworks.

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