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Mjg Technologies

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MJG Technologies

As the name suggests MJG Technologies is a company whose basis lies in the ever advancing modern technology. MJG Technologies was established in 2003 and ever since have attained a remarkable reputation in the industry. MJG Technologies is a company that has come up with the concept of electronic match for all the firework products; they provide electronic match or e-match at affordable price to the pyrotechnic companies. There was and still is a growing demand for electronic matches for the ignition of firework products and to fulfill that demand MJG Technologies has expanded their business a lot since their formation. The expansion of MJG Technologies has helped achieve their goal of providing electronic matches to the firework industry. The market demands for quality products at affordable costs and in order to complete that demand MJG Technologies has further expanded their business by opening another manufacturing facility in Mexico.

Modern Technology with MJG Technologies

MJG Technologies is the answer to all the worries that the pyrotechnic industry has concerning their firework products. They provide easy and affordable electronic matches for their customers in the pyrotechnic world. Igniting firework products can be an issue sometimes for the firework manufacturing companies along with the customers who buy firework products. So to help out with that igniting problem MJG Technologies brings you the electronic matches. MJG Technologies aim to provide high quality product to their customers and that is exactly what they deliver. Over the years the demand for a safe alternative to igniting firework products directly by fire has been increasing and MJG Technologies stepped forward for help. MJG Technologies have taken the first step towards providing electronic matches for all their customers, so that the customers can enjoy their firework products without any fear of anything related to their fireworks.

It is the era of evolution and that is ascertained by the ever increasing technology. MJG Technologies are a part of that evolution and that is how they came up with the electronic matches. So if you consider yourself a part of the evolving world and want to celebrate all your occasions with a big bang but also without fear of any mishap then log on to and buy your favourite products. MJG Technologies is a helping hand to all the pyrotechnic lovers present in the world.

Safety No More Concern- MJG Technologies

Safety is a concern for everyone when igniting firework products but according to MJG Technologies it's not a concern any more because they bring you the safest possible solution for igniting firework products. MJG Technologies is a solution for all the concerned mothers in the world whose children love firework products. There is no need to fear igniting firework products because the electronic matches provided by the MJG Technologies are safest way to play with firework products. Some basic safety measures should still be followed by all the customers but with the presence of electronic matches it has become possible to enjoy all the pyrotechnic products safely.

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