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Indoor Fireworks - an introduction

As the name implies, indoor fireworks are designed for Indoor usage. Indoor fireworks are one of the most interesting, entertaining and widely popular types due to their use and application in wedding ceremonies, live stage performances and college parties. There has been some controversy surrounding indoor fireworks lately when they were banned in EU (for their presumed health risk hazards). However, after some scientific and medical clearance, they are back in the market to amuse the enthusiasts.

Some of the more risky types such as snow storm are still on the restriction list but some other less controversial ones like expanding snake and flashing gems are freely available to make your next event memorable and unforgettable.

Types of Indoor Fireworks

 There are many types of indoor fireworks for exciting and amusing you with their variety:

  • Indoor firework fountains are 4 inches long and leave a spark in the sky around 70 cm. They are really reliable and easy to place on any object such as table, ground, cake and champagne bottle, etc. They are designed to emit small smoke and create less mess.
  • The indoor sparkles are highly popular these days. Like all new indoor fireworks, they are smokeless and lot less messy than their older models. They are perfect for indoor usage. They are often sold in 10 tubes packing and create silver sparks or flames on igniting. A user must clearly read the every detail mentioned on the pack to make sure that they create the sparkles for an indoor or outdoor setting. It can be risky if you use outdoor sparkled for indoor settings.
  • Ice fountain; this is a famous fireworks which leaves small hot spark for a minute. They are in high demand for birthday parties (most people place them on the cake). They are 4 inches long with plastic spike which help to place them on the cake or champagne bottle.
  • Wizard wan. These indoor fireworks burn for 12 seconds and leave multiple colours in the air.
  • Cauldron Spells. These fireworks burn and leave long sparks with crackling sound.
  • Fire plays. These fireworks create simple and elegant red flames.

Indoor Fireworks - the fireless ones

There is another dimension of indoor fireworks which is absent in all others, the non fireworks;

The non fireworks products are a famous type for indoor fireworks. They are the best alternative when a user wants some blast without smoke or mess. The non fireworks also called confetti. Cannon and table bomb are a great alternative to the fiery version of indoor fireworks.

Indoor Fireworks - how they are made?

Indoor fireworks are a product of chemistry. Like all other types they are made with visual and exploding elements. They are packed with fuel such as black powder, an oxidizer and binder. For the colour spark metallic iron, steel, aluminium, zinc, or magnesium are used. The indoor fireworks are made like all other types but with more safety (using less chemical and limiting techniques).

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