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These fantastic packs of Indoor Fireworks are a continually best selling product and used for all types of family get-togethers including birthdays, Halloween, Guy Fawkes and in particular at the Christmas dinner table, they are a traditional Christmas item.

Indoor Fireworks were popular up to the late 80’s and then seemed to disappear but the Trafalgar Group bought them back to the market in 2009.

From Halloween to Christmas the phone is always buzzing for Indoor Fireworks and the question we are most usually asked is “Are they as naff as they used to be” and the caller is delighted when we inform them that indeed they are.

This pack of Indoor Fireworks contains the ever-popular Snakes Alive, Bengal Matches, Sparklers, three types of flash pellets and Ice fountains, they also include 25 x Fun Snaps.

Other types of Indoor Fireworks can be found in the Ice Fountain Sparklers section


We read somewhere that indoor ‘parlour’ fireworks were regularly in use as early as the 18th century although we are fairly confident they would fall foul of current REACH regulations and the testing and warning labels would probably not quite meet the requirements of EN15497.

The first time I recall indoor fireworks was as a child; my Dad had purchased them for my (or probably his) entertainment and he lit them at the Christmas table. I vaguely remember Dad assembling a cardboard tank in true military precision and loading the smoke device with as much concentration as he probably had done in the army when he was serving as a Gunner. I also seem to recall a cardboard Winston Churchill tugging on a cigar. Other effects resulted in a combination of fizzes, a few flashes, avalanches of ash and a lot of debris and noxious smoke, which I quite liked the smell of. I think my favourite was the turd, or snake as Dad insisted, which was an expanding residue of what looked like black foam, or perhaps the snowstorm which at first appeared to do nothing then, all of a sudden, the room seemed to be full of artificial snow, or an ash cloud worthy of the Grímsvotn volcano. I suppose a family tradition had started that day and future Christmases would rarely if ever be without indoor fireworks in some form, usually in a box or blister card and sometimes within Christmas crackers and there  is an obvious delight of being able to light explosives in the dining room

Chemical compositions have had to evolve over the years: mercury thiocyanate has disappeared from the snakes and the molten volcanoes have very recently had to go. The Volcanoes contained ammonium dichromate which was outlawed by the Marketing and Use Directive (76/769) (replaced by REACH) as it is a category 2 carcinogen. So it appears passive smoking volcanoes are gone forever, unless of course you are still at school as I believe dichromate volcanoes are still being demonstrated by crazed looking chemistry teachers with hairy ears and orange fingers.

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