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Fountain Fireworks - The most popular of all

 The Fountain fireworks are the most celebrated type used in victory celebrations all over the world (since 1977, when Philadelphia and Boston cities used Fountain fireworks to celebrate the United States Independence Day). Ever since that day, Fountain fireworks have been a choice for all kind of international celebrations for some of the leading nations of the world like America, India, Japan, China and United Kingdom.

Fountain Fireworks - Why are they most popular?

Owing to their huge popularity, there is a great market for Fountain fireworks all over the world. Customer demand has generated good amount of research in Fountain fireworks and resultantly you have an enormous variety available to choose from. You can choose the Fountain fireworks to suit your celebration style in a variety of colours. Fountain fireworks can be procured in different effects.

Types of Fountain Fireworks

  • Proximate pyrotechnics. With special effect to use for events such as concert, movie production, stage opening, theatre and television.
  • Set piece. These types of fountain fireworks are used to construct a picture or some signs with firework (many small colours lance joint together to create the desired picture). This is particularly exciting for the audience to watch. The fire picture can be anything from a country flag to patriotic emblem (such as liberty hall), a famous person, logo or something illustrated.
  • Palm-Shell. Large pyrotechnic stars are arranged in the shell in such ways which help them to blow up like tendril or arms, thus creating the palm tree picture. When palm shell is operated by an expert fire master, then it is capable of creating the clearest picture of a palm tree.
  • Ring. it’s the most common type of fountain fireworks. The composition is filled in the shell with stars and it creates stars in the sky when fired. They are used to create crated pictures such as smiley’s, heart or a person’s name.
  • Kamuro. Kamuro is the Japanese language word for a “boy’s haircut”. This fountain firework is named as such since it creates a shell shape like a boy’s haircut. When it bursts after being fired, the heavy silver or golden glitter fills the air and makes the sky look so breathtaking at night.
  • Peony. A ball shaped shell, containing stars that blow up without the tail effect.
  • It is more like peony but blows up leaving the tail effect.
  • Time Rain. This is the most common and beautiful of the Fountain fireworks. The shell contains the large and slow burning stars which help to create time rain effect. When blown up, the large amount of glitter burst and leave the burn starts that fade slowly and gradually.

Some important facts about Fountain Fireworks

  • Fountain fireworks are expensive and some of them need permission or license to buy, sell or operate.
  • Fountain firework can be dangerous if handled casually. When using them at home, concert, or any other occasions such as wedding, make sure to use them in an open space
  • Make sure to comply with safety information and directions provided by the manufacturer.

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