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Single fireworks are available and range dramatically in price but when bought individually to form a display pack they can work out expensive. Selection boxes are available where you can get a variety of fireworks at a cost effective budget. Selection boxes are generally a mixture of small to medium fireworks but some of our super value “Plus” boxes also contain some larger add ons at a discounted price.

Selection boxes tend to range from around £20 - £100 but for those who want to take things to a higher level our Large Display Packs section contains packs from £150 to £2000 and are popular with pubs, clubs and pyromaniacs.

Most smaller selection boxes contain fountains, wheels, mini mines and Roman Candles. Larger boxes and our “Plus” packs generally also contain some cakes (barrages) and rockets. Our Large Display Packs tend to contain mainly cakes and rockets.

Over the past 15 years some selection packs have, in our opinion, been massively downgraded in effects and quality in order for them to be able to be sold at discounted prices in Supermarkets. This, dear reader, I have to tell you is not our business model. We will only stock premium ranges of selection boxes with good powder weights and not those that are just full of Chinese air.


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