Firework Mines


Mines are a great way to open a display as they create a WOW factor that really gets the audience’s attention.

Mines are normally instantaneous eruptions of a pretty column of glitter or coloured stars bursting skyward. Leading to big and loud colourful bouquet bursts. Mines are a great way to start or finish a firework display as they create an instant WOW factor.

Fireworks mines are a real statement item for any large display.

There are though in fact two types of Mine

1/ Fountain Mine. A fountain mine starts off as a pretty, crackling, non-offensive fountain but lulls the audience into a false sense of security as it ends in an almighty bang and projection of coloured stars high into the sky.

2/ Mortar Mine. these are generally larger than Fountain Mines and they are an instant boom, so typically a large Mortar Mine will last only 3 - 5 seconds but it will certainly grab people’s attention.

3/ As it happens Mine effects are also found in Cakes (Multi shot barrages) either as a stand-alone effect or a dual effect coupled with aerial bursts.

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