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A new trend and era of Catherine wheel firework

Before getting into any specific type of firework the first thing we all should know is what actually firework is and what is the purpose of their creation. This article will not only provide you necessary information about wheel firework but will also give you logical reasons behind use of fireworks.
Fireworks are actually a class of explosives but a low grade non injurious one used for basically two prime purposes which are religious purpose and entertainment purpose. The main part of firework is actually how it is being displayed. A firework show is actually display of firework through many ways. One of which is pin wheel firework.

A Catherine wheel or pin wheel is a unique kind of firework that produces mesmerizing patterns of firework and is not harmful to the users and people nearby.
It is actually a wheel or a spherical tube that contains gunpowder, when it is ignited it spins at very high speed producing a beautiful firework pattern.


The name given to pinwheel which is Catherine wheel has a history in it. In old time this wheel was touched by a girl named Catherine of Alexandra, and as she touched it the wheel broke into pieces and didn’t not harm her at all. It is a story or myth form the great Christian legend.

Mighty Catherine wheel:

The largest wheel ever made was by a factory named LILY FIRE WORKS, in Maqaba at Malta. It was a huge one with diameter of 32.044m. It was huge and mighty it was lit on 18 of June 2011, at a huge festival held every year called Our Laddy of the Lilies.

Guyanese world record:

A Guyanese world record was made by lily fire work on 20th of June 2011 at making one of the biggest and huge Catherine wheels.

Most common place to get pin wheel:

This instrument is named after a torture wheel on which St. Catherine was to be hanged and torture, but when she touched it, the wheel broke into many pieces and was not able to torture her. These are very famous in Malta, where you can get a large variety of it from small to large and form large to huge.

Types of wheels:

Wheel arranged in five wheel piece, it have 4 wheels which are placed in form of a cross and one wheel is placed in the middle.
Star piece is another type which is placed in the center, it is very big in size 4m in diameter and it has diamond shapes range from 8 to 10 and rotate on the base. It creates star effects that open and close.
It is a source of entertainment for the user and is used in festival to enhance the fun and function.

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