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Catherine wheel is a special type of firework which consists of a spiral of pyrotechnic material which produces thrust as it burns causing the wheel to spin and also produces a spiral of sparks. The Catherine wheel is mounted at the centre against a fence post or other solid object.

As the Catherine wheel burns it's casing is also consumed. Other types of Catherine Wheels use drivers which are in effect normally three or four fountains fused and attached to a frame and they may be driven one at a time causing a stop, start effect, often with different effects

Catherine Wheels are inexpensive fireworks and they do add a certain panache to any firework display. They can be attached to a fence or wooden post.

A Catherine wheel or pin wheel is a unique kind of firework that produces mesmerizing patterns of pyrotechnic sparks
It is actually a wheel or a spherical tube that contains blackpowder, when it is ignited it spins at very high speed producing a beautiful firework pattern.

Top Tip - if you haven’t got a fence and need to erect a post then whack a 30” post in the ground and cable tie a taller one to it. The higher the wheel is the better it will look but make sure you can reach the fuse!


The name given to a pyrotechnic wheel (which is a Catherine wheel) has a history to it.   In olden times Catherine of Alexandra was sentenced to death by Emporer Maxentius and she was to be attached to a spiked wheel but on her touch the wheel broke and shattered


The largest wheel ever made was by a factory named LILY FIREWORKS, in Maqaba in Malta. It was a huge wheel with a diameter of 32.044m. It was fired on 18 of June 2011 at a huge festival held every year called Our Lady of the Lilies.


A Guyanese world record was made by Lily Fireworks on 20th June 2011, another massive Catherine Wheel by Lily Fireworks


Catherine Wheel Firework Image

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