Do you know about big firework rockets?

In this new era people know very less about fire work, crackers and any other explosive material which was once used excessively for fun, festival and joy. Now day’s crackers have been replaced from music sets, mobiles, musical instruments etc. Now a day’s people enjoy and celebrate their festival with gun shooting and other modern devices. But still the trend of firework and cracker is not obsolete in few countries like China, Japan, Spain etc.; these people love to burn crackers and rejoice themselves. They use huge fireworks; rockets etc. to festive their festival and are true happy people of this century according to my opinion.
Talking about rockets first we should know what rockets are actually, these are pyrotechnic firework made of paper rolled in form of tube and filled with gun powder, and have a fusion at the end with a cotton string that Is actually lit and burns to produce a blast and make the festival more enjoyable.

Types of rockets:

  • Sky rockets.
  • Bottle rockets.

Sky rockets:

They have a stick attached to it and they blast when they reach the sky and produce a beautiful and attractive firework and pattern.

Bottle rockets:

They are small in size i.e. 3cm long; they also contain a stick attached to them and produce a whistle when lit and blast.


While knowing about the rockets you should know the history about them, you should know how this concept came into being and why this concept actually started. This article will for sure help you a lot in discovering the origin of these mighty rockets.
These were actually developed and came into being in 2nd century BC, by the ancient and royal group of China. The rockets are the most famous and oldest form that was developed. The basic use of rockets was religious but after some decades they were used for military purpose as ‘flaming arrows’, and were used in fighting and for attacking purpose.
It was also used by American military and the evidence comes from the word ‘rocket red glare’ in the national anthem of the American country, it was also used in their military and was an inspiration of China.

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